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Oct 6

Review in Chicago Review issue 58:3/4

The latest issue of Chicago Review is out. My review of Ödön von Horváth’s Youth Without God is included, and more importantly, the issue includes a pile of excellent new writing. 

Review HERE.

Issue HERE.

Oct 1

Essay on Maritime Piracy at The Public Domain Review

My essay “Piracy at the Old Bailey” is now up at the Public Domain Review. Many thanks to the editors for finding some excellent public domain images and other sources to complement the text.

Sep 19

Article on Spatial Locality at the American Sociologist

My article, “Three Conceptions of Spatial Locality in Chicago School Sociology (And Their Significance Today),” is now available at the American Sociologist.

For those without a subscription, a postprint is available HERE.

Sep 15

Essay on Gene Copyright at Democracy

My essay on copyright for human genes is now up at Democracy:

Jul 6

New Essay up at Better: Culture and Lit

My essay, “BRCA1,” is included in issue 5 of Better: Culture and Lit:

Jun 30

Essay on Social Science Funding at the Chronicle of Higher Education

My essay on government support for the social sciences, “Why Doubt is a Scientific Virtue Worth Supporting,” is now up at the Chronicle of Higher Education website:

Jun 25

New Issue of The Lifted Brow Digital

My short essay “Cantrell” appears in the latest digital edition of The Lifted Brow:

Jun 24

Upcoming Presentation at SSHA

I’ll be presenting my paper, “Hard Right Turn: The Conservative Takeover of Kansas State Politics,” at the Social Science History Association Annual Meeting in Toronto this November:

May 19

Essay on gun violence at Massachusetts Review

My essay on concealed carry and gun violence in Chicago, “Guns Kill People,” is now up on the Massachusetts Review website.

May 16

"In Transit" in minnesota review #82

Issue #82 of minnesota review, which includes my story “In Transit,” is out now:

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